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Hot Fit Cakes

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Quality EM Nutrition

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Natural ingredients of the highest quality

Product description

Fit cakes, so rich that you don't need to add butter, just add water to the mixture and prepare.

Hot Fit cakes, high in protein, are the perfect option for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and do not want to sacrifice flavor and benefits.

20g of protein

4g of fiber

212 calories per 100g

Gluten-free oatmeal, added with vegetable protein, marine collagen, bamboo extract and monk fruit extract.


Powder to prepare cakes today, added with vegetable protein (pea) and vitamins.

Bamboo extract also provides benefits to joints, skin and hair, contributes to the natural production of Collagen.

Oatmeal, bioactive bovine collagen peptides, bamboo extract, pea protein, amaranth flour, soy milk powder, iron, baking soda, green tea, tart orange, mokn fruit extract, natural vanilla flavor.

Additional Information

Delicious taste
pea protein
With bioactive collagen peptides
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Hot Fit Cakes

$ 300.00 MXN

Supplements that look good and do you good.

Quality, purity and results.


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