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Iced Coffee Forte

$ 600.00 $ 1,000.00
$ 600.00 $ 1,000.00you save $ 400.00

You already loved our coffee and we know it, now we reinforce it and answer your questions.

Who is it for?
-You are determined to lose weight
-You have constipation (moderate to severe)
-You have cravings for sweet things 
-You like a good iced coffee 

How to consume?
Add water (we prefer milk 🙊 ), ice and enjoy!
We recommend canyon if you have treacherous cravings in the afternoon.

Do you have sweetener? Yes, monk fruit but don't worry, it doesn't raise the glycemic index, nor does it make it super sweet. 


Arabic coffee.


Smilax Regeli.

soy milk


por 100 g

proteínas 34,60g

grasas 6,10g

carbohidratos 38,75g

azúcares 3,45g

fibra dietética 3,00g

sodio 90,00mg


Café arábiga
Frijol Blanco.
Smilax Regeli.
Leche de Soya

Disuelve una medida de cuchara (10g) en una taza con agua o leche (250 ml) y beber una vez al día.

Tip dosé:
Recomendamos tomarlo cuando sientas que tus antojos son incontrolables.

0 Carbs es un ultra supresor de apetito, podrías experimentar falta de apetito por un tiempo prolongado, recuerda que aunque esto suceda es importante comer saludable.