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EM holiday terms and conditions

Keep in mind that by agreeing to send us your photo we will be able to use it on all our web platforms, print and digital media.

By sending us your photo you authorize its dissemination without receiving any payment for it.

In the case of the photos shared for the "EM Vacations" dynamic, they will receive a free product every month for 6 months, thus fulfilling the terms of the contest of receiving 6 months of their favorite product as a gift.

It will be understood that at the time of sending the photo these terms have been consulted and dissemination is authorized.

Photos will be received via instagram, messenger, whatsapp or email.

The undersigned, ________________________, being of legal age in full enjoyment and exercise of my civil rights, hereby authorize EM Naturall Company SAS de CV. and its affiliated brands the reproduction of images and videos of my person, for the dissemination of our testimonials, methods of use, advertising, etc. Therefore, EM Naaturall Company SAS de CV. You will be able to fix, edit, reproduce, publish and distribute the images and videos of my person in social networks, printed publications, digital media, television, etc. as well as subsequent editions and/or reprints and in any type of material, in accordance with articles 27 section I and 87 of the current Federal Copyright Law.