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By EM Nutrición

Teflon, guilty of the increase in cholesterol?

Many, many times we have been bombarded with the premise that: you must be healthier, you must eat less fat , cook with less oil, etc., so that you are healthy. But when we go to clinical studies we see that for some reason and despite our efforts our blood cholesterol levels are not optimal and we do not understand why it is due, but there is something that you would never have questioned: Does my frying pan is causing this?

Exposure to chemicals used to make nonstick pans and waterproof clothing, among other things, could increase cholesterol levels, according to a new study.

common exposure

Humans are exposed to these compounds in drinking water, dust, and various products commonly used in industry.

For example, PFOA and PFOS are responsible for the non-stick and heat resistance of cooking pans, they are also used in food packaging products and in the treatment of waterproof and stain-resistant textiles, carpets and clothing. .

According to scientists, these substances can enter the body and travel to the liver, the organ responsible for producing cholesterol and controlling the fat consumed in the diet.

Past studies have also found that PFOA and PFOS can have an impact on how the body handles these fats.

Although well, we should not be alarmed at all but really question whether our health only depends on what we eat.


Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine