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By EM Nutrición

Why aren't my supplements working?

Not sure where to start with supplements? Or maybe you've tried some before but haven't seen results? whether you want to tackle issues like bloating or restless nights, weight loss or a detox process it's essential to make sure your supplements work for you, to feel better.

We highlight the five main points to pay attention to when starting a new supplement regimen.


You'll get better results when you take supplements consistently and using our subscription plans makes it easy.

You will immediately feel the anti-stress results of products like our CLA moon capsules, as they use ingredients that have been used by traditional medicine to naturally combat insomnia and stress. RED-U Collagen and our coffees are also fast-acting, using digestive enzymes to help your stomach break down food and control your appetite and to relieve bloating, pain and gas.

However, for long-term benefits, most people see positive changes after 30-60 days. We recommend that with all products, writing down how you feel at different times of the day can be a useful way to track progress or take pictures for supplements like CLA golden and most importantly take at least three consecutive months of treatment, like this This way you will give the treatment an opportunity to act on the body.

It can take time to build up levels of certain vitamins and adaptogens, so consistent supplementation is essential for results. Missing a dose won't do any harm, but you can make sure you're giving your body a constant supply by setting a reminder on your phone or making them part of your routine, for example by taking them every morning when you brush your teeth.


Our products work because, first and foremost, we focus on absorption. Some supplements may use the best ingredients in the world, but if they're not extracted, blended, and administered the right way, they won't do much.

The average supplement can be up to 50% fillers, bulking agents, sweeteners, excipients, flavors, and colors, making it cheaper for the manufacturer to produce. Our formulas have an average of 97% active ingredients and are free of fillers, bulking agents and harmful excipients.

To us, a supplement is a custom blend of vitamins, minerals, and extracts that are delivered in the most efficient and targeted way for your body to absorb.

Our formulas are tested a minimum of three times during the manufacturing process. First, when raw ingredients arrive at our lab, they are tested for potency, composition, and purity, and we perform microbiological and heavy metal testing. All raw ingredients are kept in quarantine until each test has passed.

We then test again after initial production to make sure the formula matches our benchmarks, and finally we test the finished products before they leave our lab, resulting in a full Certificate of Analysis. We also like to perform spot checks – performing random third-party tests on our formulas at regular intervals.


Addressing digestive issues first will give your body the best chance to absorb vitamins and nutrients from supplements, when your gut is at its best, not only does digestion improve, but bloating can be reduced, inflamed skin can calm down and immunity can become stronger.


Be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing and starting a new supplement regimen, as you don't want to inadvertently cause inflammation or irritation.


It's important to remember that supplements are exactly that: designed to complement a natural, healthy lifestyle, not replace anything or offer a "quick fix." That means if you're taking REDU, CLA golden, LIM, or Dicha but you're not getting enough sleep or drinking adequate amounts of water, chances are you're still feeling stuck.

Supplements won't be enough if you're not supporting your base.

Remember that we have a consultation on our social networks, which is a great place to start as it will only take a couple of minutes to complete our treatment customization questionnaire and we will suggest products to reach your goal. If you want more in-depth or specific advice, or feel like our supplements aren't working for you, you can email us at eynaturall@emnutricionaturall.com and one of our product experts will assist you.