By EM Nutrición

Don't get hooked! Fighting makes you fat.

Social networks have not brought out the worst in us, they have only exposed it to the world and we know that it is often difficult to contain ourselves or discuss our point of view with friends or strangers on social networks, but no matter how attractive it may be to discuss with a group of people miles away, we give you one more reason why you shouldn't do it, fighting makes you fat!

But why? Science explains it very simply:

It turns out that when we discuss the body generates the hormone ghrelin , which causes you to overeat, food intake is regulated by a complex system that includes both central and peripheral factors. Ghrelin is a gastrointestinal hormone identified as a powerful regulator of food and body weight control, in addition, constant fights or depression causes the body to not easily process foods rich in fat and fat accumulates in the body. .

But how do you avoid getting caught up in an online discussion?

1.-Start by understanding that not all people are the same as you and think like you, that the wealth of opinions (whether you share them or not) exist and there is very little you can do about it.

2.- If you see any publication or comment on social networks, let it go! Yes, we know that there are things that bother us excessively, but the more we interact with that content, the more it will appear to us, that is the wonder of the algorithm.

3.- The algorithm is not only manifested in social networks, the way to attract things to this reality is a fact, neuroscience confirms that what we focus our thoughts on, manifests in our reality more times than we think , not with this we tell you to ignore social, economic, cultural problems, etc, but to choose very well what battles you want to fight.

Our best advice: DO NOT get hooked, carry out any other activity that helps you return to the here and now in a calm and conscious way, soon what bothered you will cease to be.