By EM Nutrición

Do I need a detox?

Every day we come into contact with hundreds of toxins that enter our body through the environment, food or products that we use daily. However, these molecules, in large quantities, can be harmful to the body. To avoid this, there are 'detox' routines that can eliminate them from the body.

How do you know if it's time for a detox? Well, our body emits signals that show that it needs a 'detox'. Such is the case of the constant feeling of tiredness, acne, headaches, among other symptoms.

We show you 10 signs that our body emits that show that it is time to have a detoxification.

Stomach ache. If you have digestive problems, it may be a sign that you need to start changing your regular diet. When toxins build up in excess, the digestive system cannot function properly.

Headaches. This type of pain can be somewhat common and treatable naturally, however it is a symptom that the body is not working properly. If this becomes constant it is better to go to a specialist.

Body ache. If you experience pain in your joints or muscle pain, it could be a sign that toxins need to be removed from your body.

Appearance of acne. The chemicals and toxins that accumulate in the skin are eliminated through sweating. But when there is an excess of these molecules, irritations or acne usually appear.

Constant tiredness. This is one of the symptoms of what specialists know as adrenal fatigue. It is that the body stops producing adrenal glands due to excess toxins, which generates excessive fatigue.

Eating sweets in excess. Sweets can become an addiction when your diet is not adequate. Such a diet would increase the level of sugar in your blood, which can create a need to consume more sweet foods.

Overweight. If you are not within the appropriate range of body mass, according to your age and lifestyle, and you have also tried to lose weight without success, it may be due to excess toxins. These cause the metabolism to slow down.

Stress. Stress causes the body to release cortisol, a hormone that, in excess, causes metabolism problems. To avoid it, you can do a 'detox' of your daily activities and take a break.

Trouble sleeping. The body adopts a regular schedule of rest. If you have begun to experience problems sleeping at your usual time, it may be due to an alteration in the toxins or hormones in your body.

allergies. When there are many toxins in the body, the immune system tends to weaken, so the environment can cause new allergies.