By EM Nutrición

Emotions that make you fat or lose weight?

Are you aware that you mood influences what you eat ? And, of course, depending on the food you eat body wins or lose weight

To the caloric content provided by each product, the emotions They also add an extra burden to the body, since each of them works with a different organ , releasing specific hormones that influence how our body responds.

We give examples:

Sadness : Stimulates thyroid … and causes, weight loss ... People who “cheat” things too much, those who anticipate what is going to happen, have a great propensity for hyperactivity and, therefore, tend to be thin and restless. Even his way of speaking flees from synthesis.

They do not know how to go to the essential, because their mind is always buzzing with ideas and knowledge.

The fear: Put to work the kidneys increasing the release of cortisones. It is the emotion that most fattening up People who have a great tendency to gain weight or swell accumulate a lot of fear inside of almost everything. To make decisions, to do new things, to stand up to a conflict.

They are people who prefer to blame others for their problems, not take responsibility. Their movements are usually slow, clumsy and heavy, they take a long time to make decisions.

Joy: work with him pancreas . It releases good mood hormones that make you feel good. An emotion that engages and that is badly managed provokes its constant search through addictions such as food, alcohol, drugs … That is why it is an emotion that usually fatten.

remember the saying "happiness curve "

The solution , far from seeming complicated, is simple. And it will not only serve to harmonize the relationship with your weight , if not that it will influence the way you relate to yourself and others

1. Know yourself: The forbidden is a temptation. That's why, there is no prohibited food, only temporarily restricted (instead of taking it once a day reduce it to once a week); always eat in small plates; allow 10 minutes to pass between dishes, savor the food and chew it five times more than usual.

two. Look to the future : Imagine how you would like to be in many years. Every time you feel like bingeing Visualize yourself! Food is a pleasure, not an emotional need.

3. Replace expectations with goals . Expectations frustrate us. The objectives depend on oneself, you choose them according to your reality. You can achieve the latter, the first…

4. Break the shell, end your fear . Don't take refuge in your weight and beat the frustration. Many times we make ourselves invisible to others and the kilos are our excuse for not trying anything new. Dare to lose weight!

5. Just relax. Too much stress can prevent you from losing weight because when you are very nervous you lean towards foods that are more fattening. For example, him sweet , which provides large doses of insulin and calm. Unfortunately, the cortisol that we release during stressful episodes also causes us to store more nutrients in the form of abdominal fat.

The sport or meditation They can help us change the direction of the balance.