By EM Nutrición

The saddest day of the year, does it really exist?

Do you feel sadder? Perhaps it is because this Monday, January 17, is the saddest day of 2022, also known as Blue Monday.


Blue Monday's origin dates back nearly two decades. According to popular culture, this day is chosen because the holidays are over, although there is also another explanation.

It all came about because in 2015, Cliff Arnall, a professor at Cardiff University's school of psychologists, said he had found the mathematical formula to determine the saddest day of the year.

And apparently it did, thanks to the equation “1/8C+(Dd) 3/8xTI MxNA”, where each variable is a figure that goes from “weather” to “the desire to act for Christmas”.

According to Arnall and his formula, the pressure for Christmas debts, not having received the month of January, the cold, the time that has passed since the Christmas holidays, demotivation and unfulfilled New Year's resolutions are some reasons to consider this Monday as the worst of all.

All is a lie?

Although Arnall bases his formula on several undeniably sad reasons, the reality is that many scientists consider Blue Monday to be pseudoscience.

In addition, they point out that this formula was born from a communication agency called Porter Novelli, who used this supposed scientific fact to make a profit in 2005.

But apparently this day has indeed become the saddest day of the year, and the reason is because your brain is programming itself for this.

It is known as a “self-fulfilling prophecy”, an interesting psychological concept.

Psychologists point out that self-fulfilling prophecies have a great influence on our psyche. When we have a certain expectation about an event, there is a certain tendency to behave according to expectations.