By EM Nutrición

Body goals, good or bad?

At present, Western society and the mass media have been responsible for giving physical beauty a sense of vanity and exaggerated value, and have generated that it is an added social value, leaving aside the characteristics inherent to beauty. the personality.

Women are the most affected, being the most bombarded by advertising to be super thin, with a perfect face and eternal youth. However, in recent years, men have also been receiving this type of social pressure, trying to meet the standards of beauty imposed by society of being strong, dynamic, muscular, tall and handsome.

The desperate search to achieve fashionable physical beauty has led both men and women to challenge their bodies and subject them to innumerable transformations. All this creates obsessive behaviors that put both physical and mental health at risk. These affect self-esteem, triggering body image disorders. Anorexia and bulimia are the most well-known disorders and are characterized by a fear of looking fat. In recent years, the presence of a disorder called vigorexia has been identified, which is characterized by the concern to gain weight, through the development of muscles, contrary to those mentioned above. All these disorders have severe consequences for health, and even, if not treated in time, could cause death.

Some tips to prevent this evil
• Maintain a balanced and varied diet, physical activity and recreation.
• Understand that each person has a different body structure due to genetics.
• Understand that the media uses models, athletes and actors as images, which are far from the common population and are unhealthy patterns.
• It is important to maintain a suitable weight and positively assess ourselves, so as not to fall into a wrong view of our body image and affect our health.
• Always keep in mind that all bodies are different, and that we must accept ourselves as we are

Beauty depends on the observer's gaze and that to be well, we only have to feel good about ourselves.